Helios Education Foundation

Increasing Visibility and Targeting Core Audiences

Helios Education Foundation

Helios Education Foundation, whose mission is to enrich the lives of individuals in Arizona and Florida by creating opportunities for success in postsecondary education, has worked closely with I-ology since 2008. Just recently the two organizations collaborated together to help redesign and launch a brand new website focused on educational issues that impact the birth through postsecondary education continuum.

Working strategically with the Helios team, I-ology designed and developed a brand new responsive site showcasing content and streamlined branding to produce a seamless user experience. The site provides information centered on education reform and thought-leadership articles that provide educators and community leaders insight into collaborative strategies that enhance workforce preparedness for students and enhance each community’s economic viability.


Services Provided

  • Web Integration
  • Web Application Development
  • Website Design & Development
  • Mobile Optimization & Development




Research & Discovery

One of I-ology’s main approaches to any plan is the Research and Discovery phase, which allows both I-ology and the client to strategically work together to ensure each aspect of their business goal is represented and being met through web technology.

One of the main features needed in the new site is a comprehensive News and Media section that engages users through a range of media formats. From videos, images, interactive reports to dynamic content and valuable information, Helios needed the opportunity to quickly streamline content to their audience and showcase their community involvement in Arizona and Florida.


Concept & Planning

The concept and planning phase is designed to set expectations for both parties. We create strict timelines with key milestones where each team has to provide the necessary information on deadline to ensure the success and timeliness of the project.

Once the timeline was in place, I-ology began creating wireframes, templates, style tiles and proofs of concept. These detailed examples allowed the Helios team to envision the project and make edits based on their business goals and needs of the new website prior to the site build.


Create, Build, Test

After all wireframes and proofs were approved, Helios began delivering basic content and imagery they wanted to be showcased on the new site. Our team quickly determined that the best solution for this robust content-rich site was to create a custom responsive theme built in a .Net Orchard content management system. This solution is extremely user friendly and allows the Helios team to quickly update, manage and post content all over the site.


Deploy, Research, Market

Once the new site was fully built and testing was complete, the Helios team and I-ology launched the website. Working in conjunction with the Helios team, I-ology helped redesign email templates and marketing materials to engage current and new audiences about the new website and the Helios Education Foundation.

The new experience takes users through a journey of education exploration, from news, blogs, informative graphics to Helios’ experience in education reform, it truly showcases the value of the organization and how they are helping the lives of people in the communities they serve.

Since launch, I-ology has worked closely with the Helios team to create marketing strategies and measurable tactics to help reach thousands of online users throughout Arizona and Florida. I-ology provides Helios with comprehensive analytics reports and advertising strategies that help their organization be a leading voice in education.