“Develop a passion for learning. If you do, you will never cease to grow.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo

Recently at I-ology, we updated our core beliefs. They’re what we aim to follow each day to create experiences where people (from our teammates to our clients) feel trusted, valued and successful. One core belief that hits home for me is “Results Matter.” We define it as: “I hold myself and others accountable to grow and achieve results.” It’s one of my favorites because of my competitive nature. If you’re not challenging yourself and are bored all day, results won’t matter—and neither will your drive and commitment to others around you. You need to continue to learn and try new things.

I’ve always been pretty adventurous at wanting to learn new things and grow both personally and professionally. Whether it’s something like disc golf that I love doing and competing at outside of work, or learning new platforms and tools to grow professionally.

Just recently I’ve taken it upon myself to learn HTML5 and CSS. It’s something that I’ve sort of known about—at least been able to make simple changes here and there, but has never been something I fully understood and took interest in. Walking by our team of developers always makes me double take. What’s all over their screens seems like the Matrix, minus all the fighting and bullet dodging and alternate universe thing.

Seeing this for the last two years at I-ology has fed my desire for coding and how the Internet actually works at the next level. Currently I’m utilizing Codecademy and Code School, both have a lot of options that are completely free and you can learn a lot fast. If development and design interest you, certainly take a look at those resources.

So remember to keep learning each day, it will make a difference personally and professionally.