Children's Hospital Colorado

Founded in 1908 in Denver, Colorado, Children's Hospital Colorado set out to be a leader in providing the best healthcare outcomes for children. That calling has consistently made the hospital one of the top 10 children's hospitals in the nation and a place parents across the Rocky Mountain region have come to trust.

I-ology partnered with Children’s Hospital Colorado to improve the user experience across mobile, tablet and desktop devices. Our team created a responsive and interactive virtual tour of the hospital. The responsive Virtual Tour is designed to enhance the patient experience and introduces new information, imagery and videos along with a directory of services per floor. The campus map is designed to help provide important information and guide visitors to their destinations across all devices.


Campus map

Virtual tour

South Campus virtual tour

Services Provided

  1. Digital Marketing
  2. Web Integration
  3. Web Application Development
  4. Website Design & Development
  5. Mobile Optimization & Development




Research & Discovery

During the research and discovery phase, I-ology worked with the Children’s Hospital Colorado team to determine how they envisioned an interactive map and virtual tour of the hospital for their website visitors. Our team came up with a range of questions from how much animation would be included, will the map exist on the current site or on its own to what content should be included and how detailed each floor map should be. The hospital team provided us with a great vision of the experience along with branding guidelines and detailed maps of the hospital to utilize in our wireframes and prototype.


Concept & Planning

​The concept and planning phase of this project allowed our team to set expectations and benchmarks throughout the process of design and implementation. Our team worked closely with the hospital team—connecting on weekly calls and monthly reports to remain on budget and deadline. Utilizing Basecamp, a project management tool, we worked collaboratively with the hospital to ensure all information and details were accounted for prior to the creation and build.


Create, Build, Test

After several deep dive meetings with the hospital team, I-ology delivered prototypes and wireframes of the interactive Virtual Tour. After multiple meetings and collaborations to really make this virtual tour a reality, our team worked tirelessly to deliver the project on deadline. We integrated the tour and map into their Bridgeline CMS, worked with several Google videographers to build in the videos within each floor map and created an experience that is extremely unique.


Deploy, Research, Market

Once the Virtual Tour was approved and tested by the hospital’s team, we launched the new project with rave reviews. The interactive map and virtual tour gives potential patients the opportunity to tour the hospital and ensure they’re picking the right center for their needs. It allows them to see each wing and floor and know where each level of service is provided. Our team was very fortunate and proud of the truly one-of-kind web solution that provides an amazing overview and wealth of information for the hospital’s patients and staff.

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