Our molecular structure.

At I-ology we develop, deploy and deliver high quality interactive solutions that evolve our clients' businesses.

  • 1.


    Research & Discovery

    - - - -

    Accuracy, quality, efficiency and knowledge are critical to our success. This phase is essential to creating the best strategies and solutions for our clients.

  • 2.


    Concept & Planning

    - - - -

    Detailed wireframes and attainable timelines without the big surprises—we work directly with our clients every step of the way to ensure goals are met and on time.

  • 3.


    Create, Build, Test

    - - - -

    Our User Experience Designers and Solutions Architects work diligently to provide process and structure throughout the build. Working closely with our project managers and account team, clients have a transparent look during the entire scope.

  • 4.


    Deploy, Research, Market

    - - - -

    We love to launch, but we also love to prove value. From optimization, reporting and analysis to integrated campaigns and strategies, we continuously work with clients to ensure they’re success with digital solutions.

The elements of our expertise

We deliver the elements of transformative interactive experiences from user experience and interface design to web integrations and online portals.

UX & UI Design

The science behind a well-developed user interface and experience is to not separate the two. We blend them together to create an immersive experience that has your users in mind and your business goals at the forefront.

Web Development

Whether you need a scalable application or an adaptable prototype, we craft technology with experience to generate custom web development to modernize your business process.

Mobile Solutions

From responsive design to mobile applications, we create solutions based on your business’s needs and goals. The world will only continue to go mobile, and we make it a commitment to ensure you are there every step of the way.

Web Integration

At I-ology, we are committed to developing web-based tools that streamline your business operations and processes with cutting-edge integration.


With state-of-the art security and intuitive interfaces, our ability to keep you within your network or create a portal for authorized users is unparalleled. Expedite data transfers and eliminate old, manual processes with a solution that helps you solely focus on business productivity.

Digital Marketing

From creative content marketing to campaign optimization and deployment, our digital marketing specialists will create an integrated strategy that provides measurable results.

We don't take on projects, we transform organizations.

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